Tharaa: Hadrian's Well (Session 3)

Fetching the Cilops


Preparing for the Trip

With the prospect of a 280’ descent and 15’ meat-eating insects ahead of them, Mae, Rymie, and Issan decide some preparation is in order. The threesome brainstorm ideas for trapping the cilops, and manage to purchase a couple of strong hunting nets. Thrice must have other business to attend to, and decides not to participate in this particular escapade.

Mae and Rymie go through the town to borrow additional rope. Oov and his guild are particularly helpful, and the group ends up with more than enough rope to provide a main line for the entire descent, plus extra rope for harnesses, zerka coils, etc. Mae’s time practicing knot-tying with Jeren pays off when she fashions exceptionally sturdy rope harnesses for Issan and herself. Rymie will rely on the harness they found in the city of the Bhreen.

While Mae prepares the harnesses, Rymie fills in the group on cilops. They’re large, centipede-like creatures that generally live alone or in small groups. They’re about as thick around as a human with many, many legs, and can reach 10-15’ in length. The creatures are insects and will eat meat; in fact, they’ll likely see the adventurers as prey. They attack with strong mandibles and also have antennae which can paralyze prey on contact.

The Trip Down

“The trip starts out smoothly, with Mae proceeding ahead of the others down a single main line and hammering in pitons to serve as back-up supports for the rope. Rymie proceeds next, but doesn’t get far before the elven harness breaks and the Pterran loses its grip. Mae catches Rymie by the hand, but isn’t able to hold onto the Pterran’s slick claws, and Rymie plummets. Issan shouts to Mae to use her zerka, and she manages to snag Rymie through the leg in a painful but life-saving shot. Rymie reaches out and takes hold of the main line, and Mae clambers down to advise Rymie to wrap the line around a wrist.

After that scary episode, Mae sets up spare safety lines and sends the other two ahead, clinging to the wall and a piton to brace against further falls. Issan slips twice, but Mae is able to catch and stabilize him on the safety line both times…with a bit of ribbing about his weight.

Partway down the cliff face, the group is able to rest in a large crevice and harvest two full bags of the ascar berries Gnnet needed for his healing remedies.


Simplifying the Plan

“Once on the ground, the group takes a look around at the base of the cliff. The ravine is fairly wide, and time and wind have carved out long, low caves along the walls. There are no signs of life, but there are also no good spots to create a rockslide or a trap. The adventurers agree that despite all their planning, it’s probably best to just hunt the cilops with nets and zerkas.

Mae cuts up her last 70’ of silk rope to make coils for each of her three zerkas, and Issan readies the hunting nets they have borrowed from the Harvester Guild. Rymie, Mae, and Issan scout around, Mae using her synethsete psionic power, until the group finds a large flat rock that seems like a likely hiding place for cilops.

Centipedes & Cilops!

“Mae and Issan clamber up to the top of the rock, which is only a few feet high, and Rymie throws a torch under the rock to flush out any creatures and jumps up to join the others.

Immediately, three monstrously large but non-psionic centipedes are flushed out. Mae attacks instinctively, and the centipedes turn to engage the adventurers. The threesome meet the challenge, and partway through the battle two cilops appear from under the rock. Battle battle non-lethal damage victory!

Oov’s Thanks

“The adventurers tie up the unconscious cilops and float the joray up the side of the cliff so Mae can recover the borrowed rope and her pitons.

Oov is more than impressed when the group returns the joray along with the two captive cilops, which Rymie assists in healing up. He will put the psions to work immediately with getting to know and control the cilops so that they can be used to assist patrols outside of town and help raise the alarm in advance of future attacks.

Oov rewards Rymie, Mae, and Issan with their pick of kank mounts from the Harvester Guild’s supply. He also gives them each tack, saddle bags, and a grooming kit. Rymie is thrilled to find a green kank, while Mae and Issan are simply grateful for the reward. Issan immediately goes to celebrate at Rikard’s gambling den.

Gnnet’s Missing Friend

“From there, Rymie & Mae go to deliver the ascar berries to Gnnet. He’s thrilled with the two large sacks full of berries, but won’t be able to complete the remedies without the blessing of Poros, an elven water shaman who has been missing since around the time of the attacks.

The shaman’s disappearance sounds suspicious to the adventurers, but Gnnet assures them that Poros was a kind elf who ran the alms house. Gnnet considered him to be a good friend, although he did arrive a few years ago under rather suspicious circumstances. The healer asks Rymie and Mae to try to track him down, and they agree.


Myron, the town arbiter Find out how many Shidow raiders there are and what their motivation is without confronting them directly.
Jeselah, the town marshal Find weapons, supplies, clothing, etc.
Oov, the harvester delegate Go down into the canyon and procure two cilops
Gnnet, the healer Harvest a sack full of ascar berries
Gnnet, the healer Find the water shaman Poros

June 17, 2010 at Jake & Katie’s house
Characters & Players
Rymie Katie
Mae Stacey
Issan Jake



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