Maerua Kentara

Maerua, of the once-noble House of Kentara, is a young rogue fighter. She is determined to clear her family's name, restore them to nobility, and take revenge on those who plotted their downfall.


Character Sheet

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Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Base Speed: 30
Class(es): Fighter & Rogue
Level: 4
Current XP: 7800
Power Points: 2 per day

Max Hit Points: 49
Armor Class: 14/15
Fortitude Saves: 7
Reflex Saves: 8
Will Saves: 2


Mae has light green eyes and her very short pale silver hair which she keeps dyed brown. She is 5’4" tall, weighs 120 pounds, and is 17 years old. She moves gracefully and confidently, and is quite attractive. She appears to come from a middle class city dwelling family.

Her clothing is simple, durable, and flexible. She typically wears tight-fitting tan hide pants and a short, dark brown, fitted hide dress that includes some hiding places for daggers. She wears elbow-length tan fingerless hide gloves and calf-high brown leather boots with sturdy but flexible soles (and more dagger hiding places). She owns a grey floor-length cloak with a deep hood that serves as protection from the sun and elements, which doubles as a blanket/bedroll when she’s traveling. She also wears a gift from Kinth: a long, pale green silk scarf that can be wrapped around her head and face to protect from sun.



Maerua is one of three children of the once noble house of Kentara of Tyr. As a child her studies included honing of her psychic powers, graceful dancing, and other activities befitting a noblewoman. To her mother’s horror, she idolized her older brother Phaelon and often snuck into the armory to ""borrow"" weapons and mimic his warrior training in a most unladylike way. Phaelon was fond of Mae and he provided her with exercises, advice, and a sparring partner. Around Mae’s 10th year, Phaelon shared their secret with his stern but good-hearted master at arms, Kinth. Kinth took a liking to Mae, and began to train her informally, unbeknownst to the rest of the family.

Mae enjoyed an easy life until her 13th year. Her father Haemar acted as a financial adviser to King Tyrenthus, who favored House Kentara openly and lavishly. They had access to wealth and wondrous technologies. Mae herself had enjoyed more than one balloon ride with the royal family and had had the joy of observing Tyr and its surrounds through the Prince’s own spyglass. It was even rumored that the Queen looked favorably upon a match between Mae’s sister Erythrina and the Prince.

The Pentosh Conspiracy & The Fall of House Kentara

House Kentara’s fortunes rankled the neighboring house of Pentosh, however, and the Pentosh and some co-conspirators concocted an elaborate story of embezzlement. They successfully convinced the King of Haemar’s guilt, and the King in his wrath immediately sent this City Guard to seize and enslave House Kentara.

It so happened that Mae and Phaelon were out hunting on crodluback on the morning the Guards arrived. Haemar’s protests and pleas were ignored, and the family and their slaves fought back as best they could. Mae and Phaelon heard the sounds of the clash and a saw a column of smoke as they neared home. From a hill overlooking their gardens, they witnessed the Guards attacking Haemar and their mother and sister. Phaelon grabbed the reins of Mae’s mount and made haste for Kinth’s nearby home. There he gave his sister into the master at arms’ keeping before rushing to join the battle. Only later that evening did the news reach Mae that her father and brother had been slain, her sister and mother enslaved, the stables burned with several slaves trapped inside, and her House was officially disbanded and disgraced.

The Kinth Years

Phaelon had been wise or lucky to bring Mae to Kinth’s. Over the next few days Mae’s extended family were also rounded up and enslaved, and the story of her family’s disgrace trickled in through the gossip of other young nobles who took lessons from Kinth. Mae was distraught: Not only had she lost her family, but she had considered her father to be a highly principled, honest man, and she was devastated by the rumors that he had been involved in embezzlement.

The master at arms cared little for the intrigues of the noble houses, but he was fond of Mae and he contrived to keep her hidden while the Guards sought out last of House Kentara. The Guards finally gave her up as one of the stable fire victims when she could not be found. Kinth himself helped Mae cut and dye her distinctive pale hair. She spent the next few weeks in and around Kinth’s home, venturing out only to run nearby errands and avoiding contact with any nobles. By eavesdropping on Kinth’s students, she learned that her mother and sister, along with her uncle’s family, had been sold out of Tyr to a band of slavers, but she was never able to learn for sure where they were bound.

A little more than a month later, as she was helping Kinth unroll the rush practice mats, they overheard two students talking as they approached the house. One was lamenting the loss of Erythrina from the upcoming season of parties. He wondered aloud how her beauty and her father’s shame had affected her price as a bedslave. The other, a son of House Pentosh, laughed. He confided the story of the conspiracy, swearing his companion to secrecy.

Mae jumped up, grabbed a practice sword from the rack, and sprinted to the door, but Kinth beat her there. In a single movement, he restrained her with an iron grip and whispered in her ear. He promised to help her get her revenge, but convinced her that she must not throw her life (and his, in all likelihood) away with a foolish attack. Subdued, she dropped the sword and fled the room.

That evening, the pair formed a plan. Mae wanted to head out immediately to try to find her mother and sister, but Kinth pointed out that even if she managed to free them, they could not return to their former lives in Tyr until the family’s name was cleared. Besides, he was a great believer in strength of arms, and insisted that Mae learn to fight properly and defend herself before taking on House Pentosh. He proposed that she resume her training with him. He would also invite his rogue friend Jeren to visit frequently, so that she could learn from him and gain his sound advice on unearthing proof of her family’s innocence. He had adventured with Jeren in his youth and trusted him completely.

And so for the next two years, Mae remained with Kinth, pouring her anger into her training and occasional lessons in stealth and intrigue from Jeren. With Kinth, she focused on daggers, which she preferred to the larger, more cumbersome weapons in the armory. He taught her an unusual two-handed technique adapted from his own swordfighting days, as well as how to throw daggers with deadly accuracy. He also trained her with firearms, a weapon available only to the most weathy of nobles.

The Jeren Years

As time passed, Mae began to resemble her sister more and more. Late in Mae’s 15th year, one of Kinth’s students happened to glimpse her sharpening weapons and teased Kinth for keeping such a beautiful slave in the armory instead of his bed. She and Kinth agreed that it would be safest for her to leave Tyr.

By this time, Jeren was nearly as fond of Mae as Kinth, and he was happy to take her in. He had retired a couple of hours’ ride outside of Tyr and she would be safe there from most anyone who might recognize her. And, as Jeren put it, it was high time she focus on her rogue talents and her natural acrobatic abilities. So she settled in for a couple of years of training in tumbling, jumping, and climbing, along with further lessons in lockpicking, sleight of hand, and other roguish activities.

Jeren was delighted by Mae’s dedication, and Mae for her part found she enjoyed the work. She continued the exercises she’d learned from Kinth, and began to develop a unique fighting style. She earned her keep by helping out Jeren just as she had with Kinth, and considered both of them to be family. Kinth often came to visit and she loved staying up late with the pair of them, watching them drink Pterran whiskey and hearing them recount adventuring days.

Because Mae was now away from Tyr, and because acting as a slave didn’t come naturally, Jeren simply referred to her as his student, and it was assumed by those who came into contact with them that she came from a merchant family in Tyr who had paid for tumbling lessons. Mae and Jeren did what they could to encourage this story without ever providing much detail.

Maerua Kentara

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